We offer a comprehensive proofreading service, which is a quality check and tidy up of the client’s final copy. When proofreading, we look for consistency in the language usage and presentation, along with correct punctuation, grammar and spelling.

Although predominately a proofreading service, we are flexible enough to respond to clients’ requests for alternative services.


We offer a proof-editing service because sometimes a client’s text is not yet at the final copy stage, and so we can help them make the important decisions that will contribute towards their text being editorially sound.

Website Management

We offer a website management service for those businesses who are too busy to make changes to their websites themselves.

Content Creation

It is not a secret that quality content is the key to successfully marketing your brand and image across the internet.  The most effective websites continually strive for search engine optimisation (SEO), and while algorithms are constantly being tweaked and altered, SEO ranking continues to revolve around content of some kind.  Internet marketers agree that high quality content equals search success for businesses.  Businesses can outsource aspects of content creation in order to free up their time, and this is another service that we are happy to provide.

Critiquing Service

We may be able to provide a manuscript critique service for clients about to submit their work to a literary agent.  We have most experience with Young Adult books and if the genre is Adventure then we would be pleased to accept the project.